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Dentistry Focus

Dentistry Focus

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge means that your dentist uses existing natural teeth on both sides of your missing tooth to hold your bridge firmly.
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Dentistry Focus

Dental Implant

An implant looks and acts like a natural tooth. It fits securely even when you chew and speak, so your jaw is projected.
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Dentistry Focus

Dental Crowns

The crown restores the tooth to its normal shape, size & function. A crown makes the tooth stronger or improves the looks.
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How It Works

We check for your current dental situation and decide appropriate treatments
Evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene
Evaluate your risk of tooth decay, root decay, and gum
Check your bite and jaw for problems
Remove stains or deposits on your teeth

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Our Services

Services at Our Clinic

Our clinic offers all kinds of services and constantly study new technology to add new custom services to the list

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At SmilePure Clinic, Your Smile is Our Priority.
The specialists at SmilePure make efforts to provide gentle and caring treatments to ensure your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

29$The average amount of costs patients have to pay for their dental services.

New Age Dental Care for Stress-free Living & Happy Smiles
Get rid of your pain, stress, and enduring with our 24/7 dental services. It’s a priority to relieve the pain and damage to your mouth in surgeon as much as possible.

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    “Estoy muy agradecida con todo lo que lo que han hecho por mi sonrisa en la clínica. Ahora sonrío más gracias a que mi sonrisa me encanta y la quiero mostrar a todo el mundo.”

    “Me siento más a gusto con mi sonrisa con todo el tratamiento realizado en Hollywood Smile, me alegra haberlos escogido para mis alineadores dentales, ustedes son lo máximo.”

    “Desde el primer día que la Doctora Elisa me atendió me sentí a gusto con el servicio porque fue muy paciente en explicarme todo el procedimiento de lo que me iban a realizar y esto me dió más confianza.”


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